A BOLD Approach

Are you ready to say 'yes' to take action today that moves you in the direction of your goals? Do you want to add meaning, vitality, and flexibility to your own life or the lives of those you coach, mentor, and lead?

We will teach you the process to design effective, values-aligned action plans for sustainable results. You will acquire the tools you need to improve your personal performance and wellbeing, better manage and develop employees, cultivate work enjoyment, and support client goals.

Our clients gain awareness, insight, and receive a customized process to move in the direction of what matters to them. They become "master noticers" first, so taking effective, values-focused action becomes the natural choice.

Professional Photo of Julie Slowiak & Chad Cilli
Coaches Julie Slowiak & Chad Cilli

Enhance Performance & Wellbeing

We offer coaching and consultation to individuals and organizations using methods supported by behavioral science. Actions plans are crafted after careful assessment to identify opportunities for data-based, high impact tweaks using a flexible process and leading to measurable improvements in performance and wellbeing.

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What's Next?

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