Personal Coaching

Personal coaching allows individuals to work toward goal attainment within any area of personal or professional wellbeing.

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Executive Coaching

Executive coaching allows leaders and managers to develop, refine, and strengthen individual and team skills and abilities.

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Coaching Skills

Coaching skills development allows health, fitness, and performance coaches to develop, refine, and strengthen practitioner and coaching skills and abilities.

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A BOLD Approach

InJewel LLC is dedicated to helping individuals and organizations add value, vitality, and flexibility to their own lives and to the lives of those they coach, mentor, and lead.

We offer comprehensive coaching services that teach you the process through which to create paths for effective action that add value to your life, better manage and develop employees, cultivate work enjoyment, and support client goals.

Our clients gain awareness, insight, and receive a customized process to move in the direction of what matters to them and get results. They become "master noticers" first, so taking effective action becomes the natural choice.


What's Next?

One click is all it takes to contact Coach Julie for personal or executive coaching or to take your coaching skills to the next level. Take the first step toward what matters now.