I am a behavioral scientist whose research, teaching, and applied work focus on designing physical and social environments to support individual and organizational health, performance, and wellbeing. I am an Associate Professor of Psychology at the University of Minnesota Duluth and Founder of InJewel LLC, a values-focused coaching and consulting company.

I am a behavior change expert. I hold a B.A. in Psychology and Organizational Communication, M.A. in Industrial and Organizational Psychology, and Ph.D. in Applied Behavior Analysis. I am a Board Certified Behavior Analyst and certified as a sports and exercise nutrition coach through Precision Nutrition.

My research blends my training in applied behavior analysis and organizational behavior management with topics studied in the fields of occupational health psychology, industrial/organizational psychology, and applied sports psychology.

In general, I am interested in healthy lifestyle behavior change, performance management and improvement, behavior-based and values-focused coaching, the behavioral processes underlying athletic performance, and the integration of Acceptance and Commitment Training (ACT) to health, behavior, and human performance coaching.

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