InJewel Coaching Skills Seminar

A Behavior-Based Approach to Enhance Performance


  1. Introduction
  2. Developing Rapport, Establishing Mutual Obligations
    • Who are you as a coach?
    • Who is your client?
  3. Creating a Positive Coaching Climate to Support Expectations
    • Mastery-oriented motivational climate
    • Consistent, effective action & enjoyment vs. “compliance”
  4. Understanding Why Clients Do What They Do
    • Behavior and motivation
    • Basics (ABCs) of human behavior
    • Basics of behavior assessment. WHY do they do that?
  5. Setting Goals & Providing Effective Feedback
    • Basics of goal setting – what are goals?
    • Goal identification for value-added change – Where to start?
    • Basics of effective feedback
  6. Coach Self-Awareness of Own Behavior
  7. Concluding Message

  • Target Audience: Personal Trainers; Health & Performance Coaches; Gym/PT Managers
  • Seminar Length: Approximately 3 Hours
  • Format: Lecture and Active Participation (activities and discussion)