“My participation in Dr. Slowiak’s Performance Management workshop series further developed my skills of evaluating employee behaviors and the overall management of people in our organization. She provided the workshop attendees with a solid foundation on the science of behavior and how to best use evidenced-based processes to manage employee behavior and effectively drive positive organizational results. Our leadership team has utilized many of these important concepts to create a positive organizational culture in our organization. The concepts of positive reinforcement and a systematic approach to behavior change taught in the workshop are effective and help to create long-term sustainability.”

Greg Ruberg, President/CEO
Lake View Hospital

"This experience has enlightened me on the several different ways to manage my team through understanding employee behavior. I enjoyed learning various strategies and techniques that can be used to address management hurdles in the workplace regarding employee behavior. The class also helped me make appropriate changes to my own leadership style to help make me more of an effective leader."

Katy L. Johnson, Clinic Manager
Mariner Medical Clinic

"For me this coaching is more a journey of changing habits, self-love and balance than a desire to lose a bunch of weight quickly. I chose this program because it is a long-term program giving me a full year with my coach, Julie Slowiak. My experience has been excellent. I know that I don’t have to rush anything and that this is a time for self-discovery and long term change. I have tried a million diets and even lost over 100 pounds in a healthy way which I sustained for over 6 years which is considered a huge success by weight loss standards. But I still struggle with food, body image and habits. Because of that I gained it all back when my lifestyle changed.

Since starting this program I have become more mindful of my behaviors and the food I am putting into my body. That doesn’t mean that I am eating like an athlete every day and every meal but it does mean I am learning about when and why I make unhealthy choices. This helps me to adjust my environment and to change my go to behaviors when I am stressed or tired or emotional (or whatever else makes me grab for food that I wouldn’t otherwise choose.)

The PN coaching program has lessons every day which keep you focused on one little thing each day. I love that part. It is not all or nothing it is one little thing at a time. I can do that!

Coach Julie is great at pulling out the positives and helping me to see my wins. She can see where I struggle and helps me to put things into perspective. Along with that new perspective she will help me to find a plan that works for me to move forward with a different mindset.

As a bonus, I have lost weight and changed my body in a slow and mindful way. This is not my focus but it is a nice benefit.

I highly recommend Coach Julie and the program with PN coaching."

Aimee Welton (online nutrition coaching client)

Disclaimer: These testimonials are from former clients and were solicited via feedback satisfaction surveys.

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